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Stuart Sugarman MD

Board Certified Psychiatrist

I work hard to make sure that I can meet your needs and make your time with me as productive and helpful as possible. My clinical practice has been central in my life and I am constantly striving for excellence. I trained at top universities in the east and was a professor for about 20 years before I came out to Jackson 25 years ago.  I moved here for many reasons, including the beautiful setting and the skiing - I am still an avid athlete. I have also had time to get married and raise a daughter, who is now in college.

Let me shared with you more of the specifics of my background.  I went to college and medical school at the University of Pennsylvania - a top Ivy League university. This was followed by my residency training at the University of Wisconsin. After, I went to the University of Connecticut Medical School where I eventually became the Associate Chairman and Clinical Chief of Psychiatry.  I received numerous awards and honors for my teaching. I trained many psychiatrists - some who still contact me regularly for advice.  I published dozens of academic papers and books, and was often invited around the world to lecture on psychotherapy.

As to the specifics of my approach, I treat adults with anxiety, depression and other psychological symptoms,  as well as couples who have relationship issues . "Psychodynamic" [also known as "psychoanalytic" or "insight oriented"] psychotherapy is my the primary approach. However,  I use interpersonal counseling modalities when appropriate. I am an expert in couples [marital] therapy and family therapy.  I also prescribe psycho-pharmacological medications as needed and am current on all data and literature about these drugs.  My view is that these psychotropics are helpful with some folks in some situations, but should only be taken if there is clear effectiveness, with minimal [if any] side effects.    

I look forward to further discussing any of the above issues during our first session. When we meet, feel free to ask me any questions that you may have!

Stuart Sugarman, MD, Psychiatrist in Jackson Hole Wyoming
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