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O'Ann Fredstrom, MD

I am committed to providing the best possible psychiatric care for the community. My practice had gotten so big that about two years ago, I stopped taking new patients. I still have a very large group of patients for whom I provide ongoing, excellent care.  Nonetheless, I occasionally can still take a new patient. 

Personally, I started providing psychiatric care here as an outgrowth of my training at the University of Utah.  I was the only psychiatrist in the valley for awhile. I grew up in Duluth Minnesota and started skiing at 3 years old. The decades I have been here have been very fulfilling and totally enjoyable. Jackson Hole is a beautiful place to live. 

A bit more about my background: I initially became a professional musician. I still play the flute in the Jackson Hole Community Band. In my 30s, I went into medicine. I trained at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Utah in the 1980s-1990s. I have been the president of the Utah Psychiatric Society and am currently the president of the Wyoming Association of Psychiatric Physicians. ​​  

Besides my private practice, I work at the Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center and provide regular consultation to C-V Ranches and Red Top Meadows residential programs. 

My therapeutic approach is similar to Dr. Sugarman's, as he describes on his page.  My strengths include expertise in clinical evaluation and psychopharmacology. My psychotherapy is more cognitive behavioral and supportive. If I see you, I can explain all of this in more detail to you, during our initial session.

O'Ann Fredstrom, MD, Psychiatrist in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
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