Psychiatry in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Our psychiatrists are taking new patients and are excited about continuing our long history of excellent care within the community!

We are are fully operational during the covid -19 pandemic.   

We can provide in-office and/or video services.

Our mental health practice offers outpatient psychiatric treatment for adults and families. We provide comprehensive evaluation, ongoing psychotherapy and medication treatment.

Both our psychiatrists have been practicing in Jackson Hole since the mid 1990s.   They understand how the community works and what patients need here for optimal care, as they have been the only local psychiatrists in the community for the last 25 years. 


They are both on the medical staff  of St. John Medical Center [SJMC].  They are committed to providing the very best treatment services possible, in a comfortable setting, personalized to the patient’s needs and circumstances, They are highly competent and caring clinicians who have been held in high esteem within the mental health, medical and addiction communities.  Besides working directly with you, they know the resources in the community and if needed, can work with you in a collaborative team approach.

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